My Early Years In Thailand

MAIN travelLERS ROUTES Most people travelling to Thailand start off in Bangkok, visit Kanchanaburi for a couple of days before working their way up to Ayutthaya and Chiang Mai. Many people choose to end their trip in Thailand with some time on the islands in the South before returning to Bangkok for their international flights home.

You visit your travel agency to scour through the available offers. Though an ideal option for some holidaymakers, this can prove to be limited to the destinations and types of vacation supplied through the travel agency.

With numerous travel deals and luxury hotels to choose from, many visitors plan luxury holidays in Thailand and blow away the savings on compulsive shopping trips. Hotels in Thailand are scattered throughout the region and holidaymakers have a variety of options offered to them. Some Thailand Hotels also feature shopping arcades for its guests. However apart from shopping options in hotels, there are potent shopping magnets from Bangkok alone, not counting further charmers from places like Phuket and Pattaya. Take a look at just three of them.

It may sound a bit scary to hire a scooter in Thailand, but with a bit of common sense, and hopefully taking on some of the tips I have given, you will have a great laugh, with many a tale to tell when you get home!

Check the currency exchange rate and get cash before you leave. I usually get the best exchange rate if I exchange my cash in the US. I can even find good rates at a US airport. The worst rates I’ve found are at exchange booths inside the airport in my destination country.

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