My Thailand Scooter Experience

If you’re looking for an exotic faraway retreat, why not experience the cultural hub of Singapore or Malaysia? Relax on the unspoilt beaches of Thailand, Indonesia and Bali with exotic beach holidays in the Southeast Asia.

Honeymoon is the most auspicious occasion which commences after the huge display of marriage ceremony and most of the people think that there would not be any better gift than to take your beloved at any exotic holidaying destination. There are so many attractions and destinations worldwide having their distinctive features but if you are looking for romantic beaches, scenic landscapes and at the same time looking for great shopping then look no further than the ‘land of Smiles’, Thailand a southeast Asian destination.

With numerous travel deals and luxury hotels to choose from, many visitors plan luxury holidays in Thailand and blow away the savings on compulsive shopping trips. Hotels in Thailand are scattered throughout the region and holidaymakers have a variety of options offered to them. Some Thailand Hotels also feature shopping arcades for its guests. However apart from shopping options in hotels, there are potent shopping magnets from Bangkok alone, not counting further charmers from places like Phuket and Pattaya. Take a look at just three of them.

Mui Ne is Vietnam’s leading beach break destination. Since 1995 when sightseers flocked to the region to view the magical total solar eclipse, tourism in the coastal town boomed. Mui Ne comprises of white sand tropical coastlines and small picturesque fishing towns; idyllic for relaxing beach holidays.

There are so many things to do and see when you travel in Thailand. Bangkok is a modern city with a huge history and philosophy behind it, with temples and shopping centers blending with Buddhism and its theories. Thailand is also the country of the numerous natural parks, such as the Khao Yai National Park that has a vast array of facilities on-site. In every travel guide about the country you can see lists of camping sites, food services, visitor centers, accommodation outlets and hostels, animal observing towers and infrastructure that make sure that everything works properly and efficiently for the nature lovers.

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