Thailand A Spellbinding Tourist Destination Of Southeast Asia

Chiang Mai- It is northern capital of Thailand, which is favorite among tourists. Surrounded by mountainous terrain, it offers plenty of sight seeing activities. The city is famous for hill trekking excursion, northern culture and handicrafts. Its huge night bazaar is one of the best value places in Thailand to shop for its handicrafts and clothing.

Everything can be found in Ecuador, from reasonably priced real estate on the beach to new cars to cheap international food. The pace of life and the enjoyment of it, as well as the warmth, is a nice change from the fast-paced English-Speaking countries. The lifestyle is qualitatively better than one you can have with the same income in North American or Europe.

Thailand is a beautiful region of Southeast Asia that is becoming more and more popular with tourist. Without a doubt, international travel can quickly become very pricey, which isn’t a problem if you have an unlimited budget. On other hand, those looking to find Thailand Hotels on a budget will have to do a little more research and make a little more of an effort to ensure their Thailand trip stays within their price point.

Overland entry to Thailand is restricted to three road crossings on the Thai- Malaysian border, and the bridge spanning the Mekong River between Laos and Thailand at Nong Kai.

Khaosan Road is north of the old city and is within walking distance of the Grand Palace and Wat Po. Khaosan road and the adjacent roads are packed with shops, restaurants, travel agents, market stalls and cheap accommodation which makes the area attractive for backpackers.

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