Thailand Travel Guide

Since Jerusalem is really a religious city, it makes sense to visit some religious sites. Some of these places are the whole reason many people visit the city.

Floating Markets in Thailand: Are you a shopping buff, and love to visit the best shopping destinations in the world? If the answer is yes, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the floating markets in Thailand. The country is known as the ‘Venice of the East’ and the floating markets are truly unique in its category. Damnoen Saduak (Klong Lat Phli) and the Tha Kha Floating market are among the most popular markets where you can enjoy shopping at its best.

Phuket is one of the most popular tourist destinations for enjoying sun, sand, sea, and beautiful Thailand Hotels. Phuket is a large island, located on Thailand’s West Coast in the Andaman Sea. Phuket has become into one of the best holiday destinations in South East Asia, and is one of the busiest travel destinations of Thailand.

Two companies have held onto their No. 1 rankings every year since the poll began in 1996: Crystal Cruises (Best Large-Ship Cruise Line) and Singapore Airlines (Best International Airline).

For example, many Americans would feel unsafe traveling to Pakistan. However, my cousin frequently travels internationally for work and has traveled to Pakistan on business four or five times during the past few years. To ensure her safety during her trip, her company hires a driver to take her from her hotel to work. During one trip, a driver she didn’t recognize approached her and told her he was substituting for her regular driver. She was suspicious of this situation and went back in to the hotel and called the car service. The service had not sent a different driver, and her regular driver arrived shortly. Although she was unnerved by the situation, she stayed safe because she knew what to do.

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